Saturday, March 1, 2014


Was asked at the last minute if I could provide a cover to the almighty ZARJAZ. Was more than happy to jump in. Kano and BAD Company are WAY too much fun to draw. It's the free gigs that end up being the most rewarding. There's a moral here somewhere. As usual, click the link to enlarge the image.

ZARJAZ traditionally uses wraparound covers so it's tricky coming up with a composition that works. You want something eye-catching for the front cover but don't want to waste the back cover so I took as much imagery from the story inside and made a retelling of it. Dave Johnson's covers for 100 Bullets were great inspiration.

First, some sketches. I knew I wanted Kano's monocle to be the centerpiece so I riffed off that idea...

 ...until I settled on something that might work.

Thought I'd try something different with the color instead of the usual flat rendering. Wanted to make it look a little more painterly and rough within the inked lines.


ZARJAZ #20 is for sale - both digitally and on good old-fashioned paper and ink - HERE and for the ridiculously low price of 3 English pounds.

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