Thursday, October 17, 2013

"THE HILLS OF HELLFIRE, MY LOVE..." - pages 1, 2 & 3

I wrote and illustrated this strip for the wondrous ZARJAZ magazine (to call it merely a fanzine would be such a rotten disservice to this fine publication). The most enjoyment I've had in years and a sad reminder (sad because as a working artist, you tend to forget this part...) that sometimes drawing something is its own reward. 

I had fully intended to ink this up and make it look slick and awesome but somewhere between running against a deadline and having an epiphany that not everything needs to be polished in the end**, I let it run like this. Far sketchier and looser than I usually would have liked but I think with the story it's telling, it just about works. As always, there's always stuff you wish you could go back and change but I feel like there's more good than bad here. All you can hope for in the end.

Also finally found a home for the vehicle designs gracing the very first post of this blog from many, many moons ago. Always pays to keep sketches lying around. Never know when something will just click into place. (Or I'm just too lazy to design new ones.)

This is just the first three pages of the strip from Zarjaz #16. There's eight in total. You want to see the rest? HERE's where you need to go. Go support it. A wealth of riches and completely affordable.

Have a script for another one that hopefully I'll be getting to in the near future...

(**I spent a long time working in feature animation as an assistant/clean-up artist where the look of the final drawings had to be very slick, very tight and as you were working over top of an animator's rough drawings, usually more concerned with capturing a movement or gesture or acting, I often wonder how much energy was sacrificed from those drawings in order to tighten them up. As I get older, I find myself trying to avoid going that route now and leaving artwork looser than intended.)

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