Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Design for Family Guy promo piece at San Diego Comic-Con 2008. I didn't handle the color duties, just the art up to this point. Eternal gratitude to send to my good friend Burrell, Family Guy's prop designer extraordinaire, for some help with the AT-AT walkers and the Millennium Falcon...
Here's the colour version......and the original poster it's based on...
(Family Guy ©20th Century Fox. Star Wars ©Lucasfilm. Obviously.)


Kristina Bustamante said...

Oh...my...God...this has got to be the most amazing thing you've posted on your blog so far. The details - I feel so dizzy @_@ I LOVE IT!!!

jon said...

Hi Mike... I've tracke you down after seeing you in todays Sun. I produce on talkSPORT radio in the UK and wondered if you were able to come on the station on Saturday night (UK Time). If you can get in contact that would be great.

jon.moonie [at] talksport.co.uk



Sorry to hound you this way!

casey said...

Mr. Cassidy,
I am writing a review for a website called an ocean of noise.com and it's a not-for-profit website where we review current issues, music, musicians, movies and other print media. Would it be possible to use the Something, Something, Something Darkside drawing (W/o colour) with my review? Like I said, there's no sales involved of any type, so let me know if there's anyway to use a picture, of course giving credit for any artwork used.
Thank You Sir,
-casey t. buckler aoon.com